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The Trilogy Rule <b>National</b> <b>Novel</b> Writing <b>Month</b> READUS 101

The Trilogy Rule National Novel Writing Month READUS 101 What: A project in which you work toward a goal of writing a 50,000-word novel. For a while, teen fiction author Keris Stainton had struggled to get back into writing; she had been trying to write novels, but couldn’t manage finishing one. In honor of "National Novel Writing Month" NaNoWriMo for short, I introduce a new installment ed "Readus. Novel Writing 101 - How to Write a Book!

Better yet, DON'T <b>write</b> that <b>novel</b> -

Better yet, DON'T write that novel - Write, write some more, and just keep on writing, without looking back. And then you will have a first draft of a novel (and then the real work starts). Nov 2, 2010. Why National Novel Writing Month is a waste of time and energy.

How to <em>write</em> a book – top tips for <em>National</em> <em>Novel</em> Writing <em>Month</em>.

How to write a book – top tips for National Novel Writing Month. We’re all full of stories, each of us with our own tales to tell, but we never quite seem to find the time to make it happen, do we? NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and takes place every November. The best advice I can give anyone wanting to write a book, is to.

National write a novel a month:

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